Mind’s Eye

When I was a child, I never thought I’d reach twenty-five, I’d just never felt all that alive. When I reached the age I’d never thought so, I will admit for a while – it was touch and… Read More

Together, you and me

I can still remember The first day I ever saw you Standing there so Self-assured I filled with such doubt Of who I was And could yet be But you always knew Always could see That part of… Read More

And Fade Away

A day’s happiness gone In an instant. The exact moment I see your face, only can you such a thing do. Your negativity reaching out, Searching for a new victim to invade, To spread out and propagate, A… Read More

Rise and Shine

It’s like a sickness. A raised temperature, An unfocused delirium, A feeling of coming death. Midnight creature, forced, Awakened at unnatural Hours of the day In a battle for survival. A sense of nausea Unable to be quashed… Read More


Such Envy, I have. For those with no doubt. For whom life’s plan is clear. A destination, clearly, seen at the end. For those who walk on level ground, Stable ground with no pitfalls or detours. Such Envy,… Read More

A Question of Self

Three women sitting down together Each discussing their lives All are separate yet All are the same. A three-sided mirror sits Each face waiting to reflect An image. The first face – always uncovered Catches the sun’s rays… Read More