Lavenders in the Breeze

The fragrance of you In my mind inescapable. The wind carries you to me, Lavenders in the breeze. In an instant transported Back against your chest Arms wrapped around The last time I truly felt Contentment in who… Read More

Midnight Creature

  Midnight creature, lost and alone All it wants is to find its way home Never realizing away it has been thrown  

Mind’s Eye

When I was a child, I never thought I’d reach twenty-five, I’d just never felt all that alive. When I reached the age I’d never thought so, I will admit for a while – it was touch and… Read More

And Fade Away

A day’s happiness gone In an instant. The exact moment I see your face, only can you such a thing do. Your negativity reaching out, Searching for a new victim to invade, To spread out and propagate, A… Read More