Squirrels again

I’m still trying to decide which version of the photo that I like better but right now I’m leaning towards the bottom photo.


Shot with my Sony a6000.



Shot with my Sony a6000.



Shot with my Sony a6000.

The fragrance of you
In my mind inescapable.
The wind carries you to me,
Lavenders in the breeze.
In an instant transported
Back against your chest
Arms wrapped around
The last time I truly felt
Contentment in who I am.
Left alone, no more lavender,
The dark doubts creep in
Whispering their words once more
You should not be.
But I am.
And I will continue to be
Because one day, once again,
The wind will bring you
Back to me.



Shot with my Sony a6000.


Shot with my Sony a6000.




I took this a few years ago on a trip in Queensland, Australia. It was with just the camera on my phone at the time. However, I been considering getting into photography more seriously lately so I’ve been looking into some of the old photos that I have taken over the years. I found this gem, and maybe a few others that I will post over time. The background of this photo I just absolutely love.


I just started learning After Effects yesterday so this really simple animation is from my first session in the program. I plan on adding more effects to it over time as I become more proficient in it. Until then, enjoy and feel free to leave any helpful hints and tips.

Midnight Creature


Midnight creature, lost and alone

All it wants is to find its way home

Never realizing away it has been thrown


When I was a child, I never thought I’d reach twenty-five,
I’d just never felt all that alive.
When I reached the age I’d never thought so,
I will admit for a while – it was touch and go.

Now that age I’ve moved beyond,
To life I’ve grown attached, grown fond.
But sometimes in the deep dark of night,
It can be hard to see the light.

The child once more takes hold,
And I feel like I’ll never know what it’s like to be old.
To be sure, I must admit I don’t want to die,
But, my old self, I’ve never seen in my mind’s eye.

First Step

I’m interested in sound design so I’m trying to learn Ableton Live and more about audio production in general. Here is a short track I put together today in my first Ableton session.

I’d love any thoughts on it.

My constant companion,
Never far from sight,
Always there for just in case,
How rarely you see the light.

An Idea of what could be, a future
For the two of us, you and me.
Grand plans created so alive in my mind.
In reality, likely never to be.

Untold stories trapped,
So many of them locked inside so deep.
Fear of Failure – lies told – doubt of oneself in truth.
Your unblemished pages, yours to keep.

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