The Insult

There are some people, when passed on the street, for whom a single glance seems to be an insult; the photograph then becomes a superinsult, the ultimate insult. This would define the stature, the physique (and the myth)… Read More

Ghost Image

It is said that the purpose of a family photograph is to preserve memory, but it creates images that take the place of memory, conceal it, and are a kind of respectable history, unnuanced and interchangeable, passed from… Read More

Long after you are gone

Long after you are gone, I feel the presence of where you used to be.

Together, you and me

I can still remember The first day I ever saw you Standing there so Self-assured I filled with such doubt Of who I was And could yet be But you always knew Always could see That part of… Read More

A Question of Self

Three women sitting down together Each discussing their lives All are separate yet All are the same. A three-sided mirror sits Each face waiting to reflect An image. The first face – always uncovered Catches the sun’s rays… Read More

Two creatures walked together, hand in hand,

Two creatures walked together, hand in hand, One a mouse, the other a man. If given a choice to choose between the two, Always choose the mouse, it’s better for the health of you.