Edna St. Vincent Millay

As to some lovely temple, tenantless Long since, that once was sweet with shivering brass, Knowing well its altars ruined and the grass Grown up between the stones, yet from excess Of grief hard driven, or great loneliness,… Read More

Lavenders in the Breeze

The fragrance of you In my mind inescapable. The wind carries you to me, Lavenders in the breeze. In an instant transported Back against your chest Arms wrapped around The last time I truly felt Contentment in who… Read More

Long after you are gone

Long after you are gone, I feel the presence of where you used to be.

An Atlas of the Difficult World

Flags are blossoming now where little else is blossoming and I am bent on fathoming what it means to love my country. Adrienne Rich

The Performer

I told you that I loved you. You smiled and kissed me – tried to make me believe that you loved me back. And, oh! Oh, how I wanted to believe you. But, your kisses, your touches –… Read More