An Atlas of the Difficult World

Flags are blossoming now where little else is blossoming and I am bent on fathoming what it means to love my country. Adrienne Rich Advertisements

bare limbs against the wind

bare limbs against the wind standing tall and firm like your gonna win. dark and looming, the sky overhead Fighting off the feelin’ you’re better off dead. As rain begins to fall like tears to wet your skin… Read More

Lifelong Joy

There’s something comforting in the smell of old books. A cacophony of life surrounding, and Yet In one small breath, an upturned book on one’s lap, an instant transportation to a New and wondrous land. Alone or with… Read More

Two creatures walked together, hand in hand,

Two creatures walked together, hand in hand, One a mouse, the other a man. If given a choice to choose between the two, Always choose the mouse, it’s better for the health of you.

Wishful Thinking: A Eulogy

11/09/2016 Dear Friends, We, the Shocked and Stunned, gather to mourn a death. The death of Hope – an entire generation’s. A promising child strangled before her prime, long before she reached her full potential. All in an… Read More

The Performer

I told you that I loved you. You smiled and kissed me – tried to make me believe that you loved me back. And, oh! Oh, how I wanted to believe you. But, your kisses, your touches –… Read More